Noela Lotti


Noela Lotti (Pisa, 1994) graduates at the State Artistic High School of Lucca and continues her artistic education at the Fine Arts Academy of Carrara.


At the beginning of her artistic career she learns the working methods of the traditional sculpture, addresses various materials, in particular approaching ceramics. Her work is the result of deep research on site, in witness to the strong link with territory and taking into consideration how much this link is important for the construction of our Being.


In her more recent works she connects Graphics with procedural artistic practices which characterizes the second half of the 20th Century. The process of image taking becomes as important as the work of art. She uses her own body in order to make re-surf collective memories linked to the territory she belongs to, memories that become a form of knowledge and a metaphysical map in a context where unconsciously the non-place makes room to itself.

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