Gennifer Deri


Gennifer Deri, 1991. She lives and works at Cardoso (Lucca province). She graduated in painting with Professor Giovanni Dessì, at the Fine Arts Academy of Carrara, submitting a theoretical thesis on the artists belonging to the Gruppo T, together with the art historian Lucilla Meloni and an artistic project curated by the photographer Marco Signorini.


In 2019 she obtains a Second Level Degree in the same Institution and under the same Professor, submitting a theoretical thesis on Art and Feminism.


Her works have been exhibited in various group exhibitions, among which: Belle Arti in Procura, Massa, 2016 (catalogue); White Wave, Piano Terra, Massa, 2017; Belle Arti in Procura, Massa, 2017 (catalogue); Teke Gallery, Carrara, 2017; “Eneganart-Biennale delle Accademie” exhibition where she won a Prize, Firenze, Refettorio Santa Maria Novella, 2017 (catalogue); Artifact Prize group exhibition, Castello di Levizzano (Mo), 2018 (catalogue); a bi-personal exhibition at the Gallery Filarate, Empoli, 2018 (catalogue). She holds a personal exhibition under the title “Con il corpo l’azione (With body action)” Palazzo della Cultura Cardoso, 2017 (catalogue); a personal exhibition at the B’art Gallery, Pietrasanta, 2018 (leaflet).


In 2017 she wins the Rotary Club di Carrara Award, in 2018 an award granted by the artist Maurizio Cattelan. Also in 2018 she wins an artistic residence “Michelangelo Reload”, exhibition at Palazzo Centro di Arti Visive, Pietrasanta, 2018 (catalogue).

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