Danilo Lattanzi


Danilo Lattanzi (Carrara, 1927 – Massa, 1992)


Artistic education (Liceo Artistico, Fine Arts Academy of Carrara).


Danilo starts drawing very young, paints and experiments every form of art, also developing his musical flair, through his extraordinary piano skills.


In his father’s antique shop “Bottega d’Arte” he meets personalities such as Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Camillo Prampolini, the musician Aldo Giuntini (of whom he paints a portrait) and other artists belonging to the Italian Futurist group.


In 1942, he takes part to the 23rd Venice Art Biennale (p. 239 of the Catalogue, Futurism, n° 122, “Dinamismo di Pescatori-Barche”).


In 1943, he first exhibits in Carrara and publishes a catalogue containing critiques by Rezio Buscaroli, Alfredo Bizzarri and A. Valli.


In 1946, he publishes a booklet of poems and drawings entitled “Ricerca (Research)” (Nistri Lischi Editori, Pisa).


Between the Forties and Fifties, he develops his pictorial vein animated by a taste between surreal and metaphysical based on De Chirico, despite the Futurist influences deriving from his past association.


His subjects are places, people, memories of the Apuo-Versilian territory and of the quarries, revisited with fancy imagination together with introspective memories and ironic melancholy.


Between 1957 and 1959 he spends time in Paris, where he comes in contact with the new international trends that take him more decisively towards Abstract Art.


In parallel to painting, he produces lyrics and notes of easy listening music and makes records.


In 1960 he sets up the Modern Art Gallery “La Ruota”, in via Ulivi in Carrara, where he organizes exhibitions and sales.


In 1963 he opens an art, antique and decoration shop “Ornacasa”, in Massa carrying on the business until 1992, the year of his death.


From 1960 to 1990, he abandons his artistic activity to commit himself to his family and business, even though he never stops his pictorial research.



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Solo Exhibitions

1943 Carrara;

1951 “Bottega d’Arte”, Livorno;

1956, “Il Camino”, Rome, with introduction of Giorgio De Chirico.

1959, “Montenapoleone 6A”, Milan

1962, “Il Prisma”, Milan

Collective Exhibitions:

1942, XXIII Biennale d’Arte di Venezia

1947, Mostra di Pittura Italiana Contemporanea, Pisa;

1948, Mostra Nazionale di Pittura, Forte dei Marmi;

1952, Premio Nazionale di Pittura “F.P. Michetti”, Francavilla;

1953-4 Catania, Roma, Innsbruck;

1955, V Mostra Giovanile Internazionale, Gorizia;

1956, Ingolstadt

1958, Biennale Fiorentina, Florence;

1958, Galleria La Permanente

Mostra annuale degli artisti italiani contemporanei, Florence

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