Contemporary Art


Valeria Lattanzi, interpreter and translator of English and German, grew up breathing art as her father, Danilo Lattanzi, was a painter and an eclectic artist (Futurist, Surrealist, Figurative and Abstract), very well-known in Carrara and friend of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, known as the founder of Futurism, the first Italian historical avant-garde of the Twentieth Century. Valeria, to pay homage to the memory of her father, opened the gallery next to “Bottega d’Arte – Antichità Lattanzi” (founded in 1925) of her brother, Corrado Lattanzi. A space aiming to introduce various national and international artists ranging in the field of contemporary and modern figurative art and sculpture, to local and non local public, acting as a stimulus for the Apuan Tourism and Art Lovers. Opened at first with the name Black Art Lounge as a space devoted to culture, artistic and musical entertainment, the Gallery nowadays has changed its name to Galleria Valeria Lattanzi, thanks to the collaboration, now finished, with the Gallerist Nicola Ricci.

Contemporary Art


“I pursue the research of beauty, the promotion of emerging artists, the exhibitions of affordable works of art and I love to range in the fields of photography, painting and sculpture in marble, wooden and bronze. I intend to promote local artists who work locally and foreign artists with innovative ideas, wanting to bring them at a national and international level, with Carrara which should continue to be an innovative center for the Arts. A further aim should also be to promote the exchange between my Italian Gallery and other foreign Galleries. We see finissage and vernissage as moments of real entertainment, with music matched with art.” Valeria Lattanzi

Valeria Lattanzi

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