News - Galleria Valeria Lattanzi


Sentieri di carte
Orso Czerny


19th October - 30th November 2019


opening 19th October h: 18


The Galleria Valeria Lattanzi (Carrara Italy) is proud to announce the solo exhibition of multidisciplinary artist Orso Czerny titled Sentieri di carte – a series of artworks on paper which examine migration and movement and the processes and forms of the creation of language, experience and expression during times of transition and transformation. This selection of a larger body of work created from 1995 to present during Czerny’s travels in Japan, Europe (Italy, Germany, Austria, the eastern-bloc countries), and America, is being shown for the first time.  The exhibit is contextualized as a mini-retrospective of a foundational aspect of the artist’smultidisciplinary praxis.  The work addresses the questions: how do we navigate places in relation to other and self, body and space, thought and action – how do we choose to cross borders/boundaries  - how do we create or transform those very modes of perceiving and change our own and others in the process – and how do we create and leave “paper trails” internally and externally through a praxis of liminality – marking and mapping our experiences ceremonially,memorially (mentally), physically and spiritually within the context of past, present and future.